A White Wolf tem liberado poucas informações sobre a sua linha Geist, apesar do seu lançamento estar agendado para 5 de agosto. Para aumentar ainda mais o mistério e o buzz gerado em cima desta nova linha, a empresa lançou um concurso de trailers do livro.


GeistSkullO concurso é simples. A WW disponibilizou um pacote com imagens de Geist, em cima deste arquivo os participantes deverão criar um trailer em flash para o novo livro da empresa. Pelo que eu pude verificar não há prêmio para o vencedor, porém desconfio muito disto, então se alguém souber de outras informações me corrija se eu estiver errado. O concurso se inicia hoje e o prazo final é dia 3 de julho. Abaixo estão as regras do concurso, não as traduzi, pois como são regras não quero que ocorram erros de interpretação. Você pode encontrar maiores informaçoes sobre os concurso nestes links


This is a trailers contest, not a prize drawing. You have no easy-to-follow instruction manual guiding you on the path to a winning entry. Your entry has to conform to these instructions, but it also has to be captivating – intense, exciting and inspiring. 

The contest will progress as described below. The protocols of each category may change as circumstances dictate. 

Phase One: Submissions

The contest opens on May 22, 2009. The deadline for submissions is July 3, 2009, though we reserve the right to extend the deadline if we want. 

There is one category for this contest: White Wolf Geist Trailer

Submissions for this category must: 

  • • be in Flash (.SWF format, although we would appreciate getting the .FLA version as well), with dimensions of 300 by 150, like the other headers that play on the White Wolf home site.
  • include least 2 pieces from those provided by for the contest available here.
  • include the following text elements: 
       Geist: The Sin-Eaters™ (logo can be found with the artwork files) 
       A Storytelling Game of Second Chances
       August 2009
  • not use sound elements.
  • hotlink to http://www.white-wolf.com/geist/

You may enter the contest by the sending your submission as an email attachment to: kelley@white-wolf.com, put “Website Submission” in the subject line. 

The following information must be included in all email notice of submissions: 

  • your full legal name, date of birth, street address, phone number and email address
  • the following legal statement
    I submit my idea voluntarily and on a non-confidential basis, and I understand that this submission by me and its acceptance by CCP NA. does not, in whole or in part, establish or create by implication, or otherwise, any relationship between CCP NA and me beyond consideration in the present contest. I agree that this submission becomes the property of CCP NA. I further understand that the acceptance by CCP NA of this submission neither creates nor implies any confidential relationship, guarantee of secrecy, nor any recognition or acknowledgment of either novelty or originality. I understand that CCP NA is only providing the related elements for the purpose of this contest, that the elements remain copyrighted and/or trademarked by CCP NA, and that no other use of the elements is authorized.

Phase Two: Jury Review and Winning Selections

As submissions are received, they will be viewed by Marketing Director, Kelley Barnes and other members of the Geist Creative Staff. 

Each submission will be considered on the merits of style, originality and ‘wow’ factor. The winning submissions for the White Wolf Website trailer will be placed in rotation on the homepage for fan viewing.

The First Place winner will receive a signed copy of Geist: The Sin-Eaters and 2 of the exclusive Launch Day T-shirts, along with a $100 gift coupon for the white-wolf.com website. Other Prizes for are to be determined – based on the volume, quality and nature of the total submissions we receive. 

Geist: The Sin-Eaters Trailer Contest Rules

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age on July 3, 2009. 

2. The contest judges may at their sole discretion refuse to consider any entry for any reason. Submissions that do not follow the instructions may not be considered. 

3. Geist is a World of Darkness game, so horrific elements are expected, but the entry should not contain pornographic and tastelessly explicit material. 

4. Applicants may submit no more than one entry for each contest category. 

5. Former and present employees of White Wolf, Inc. may not enter. Freelancers who have been published in CCP NA products or are currently under contract with CCPNA are not eligible. 

6. All entries must be accompanied by the full real name of the author as well as the author’s physical address, email address and phone number. 

7. Only entries in English can be considered. 

8. Only material written for the current incarnation of the game, Geist: The Sin-Eaters , will be considered. All entries must be the original work of the author, who must be able to legally solicit the material. Copied, plagiarized or illegal submissions will be disqualified. 

9. All submissions become the sole property of CCP NA. 

10. Submission of an entry for this contest constitutes acceptance of these rules and conditions. 

11. We reserve the right to change the final prize terms. 

12. CCP NA is only providing the related elements for the purpose of this contest. The elements remain copyrighted and/or trademarked by CCP NA, and no other use of the elements is authorized.